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Spectroquant® Prove highlights

Direct insertion of cell test

Easy cleaning

Data exchange

Live ID

Smart Screen

The new Spectroquant® Prove product series

Built around simplicity, engineered around security, designed around durability – Made in Germany.

Spectroquant® Prove 100

Spectroquant® Prove 100

For routine applications

Prove 100 is the best choice for those who primarily use our broad range of Spectroquant® test kits, or only perform Vis measurements. High quality and great value for money for your daily analyses.

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Spectroquant® Prove 300

Spectroquant® Prove 300

For sensitive measurements

Thanks to its long-lasting xenon lamp, Prove 300 is ideal for more intensive use. What’s more, it is capable of both UV and Vis measurements, so you have greater flexibility for more intricate analyses.

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Spectroquant® Prove 600

Spectroquant® Prove 600

For complex analyses

Designed for high-end UV/Vis optics, and cuvettes of up to 100 mm, Prove 600 packs great power into a compact size. Excellent resolution and sensitivity for use with test kits, complex kinetics or spectral measurements.

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Specifications at a glance

Prove 100, Prove 300, Prove 600

Measuring technology Spectrophotometer with reference beam technology Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
Wavelength range Vis (320-1100 nm) Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
UV (190-320 nm)   Prove 300 Prove 600
Lamp type Tungsten halogen lamp Prove 100    
Xenon flash lamp   Prove 300 Prove 600
Ambient light protection Measurement with open shaft possible due to proprietary solution (patent pending) Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
Spectral bandwidth 4 nm Prove 100 Prove 300  
1.8 nm     Prove 600
Smart Screen Display Resistive touch screen Prove 100 Prove 300  
P-cap glass touch screen     Prove 600
Live ID System 2-D Barcode recognition for cell tests and reagent tests Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
Barcode contains lot, expiry, and calibration data. Data stored with each measurement. Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
Cell size 16 mm round cells, 10, 20 and 50 mm rectangular cells with automatic recognition Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
100 mm rectangular cells with automatic recognition     Prove 600
Cell holder Removable for easy cleaning Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
Methods Programmed methods of all Spectroquant® cell and reagent tests, 99 user defined methods,
20 profiles for kinetics and absorbance scans each
Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
Applications Free preprogrammed applications: Bromate, Brewery packages (MEBAK/EBC methods), Sugar (ICUMSA), Oil (DOBI, olive oil) Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
AQA Prime Individual settings for all methods in AQA 1 (instrument check) and AQA 2 mode (system check) and pipette check Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
Sample matrix check Easy access through setting menu to perform instrument supported matrix check for each method Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
Software updates Free method updates on the Merck Millipore website Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
Languages Navigation in 28 built-in languages Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
Communication interfaces USB: 2 x USB-A (for printer, USB memory devices, keyboard or barcode reader), 1 x USB-B; Ethernet: LAN connection Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600

Spectroquant® test kits

Not just more choice. More security.

Spectroquant® Prove is preprogrammed for over 180 Spectroquant® test kits and methods, giving you swift, secure results for the broadest range of applications. Each tests’ parameters are precisely tuned to your analysis, and their preprogrammed blank values save further time, effort and costs. www.merckmillipore.com/sq-tests

Test Kits
Test Kits
Test Kits
Test Kits
Test Kits
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Test Kits
Test Kits
Test Kits
Test Kits

Spectroquant® Prove application fields

Waste water

Regular testing, and the use of cell test kits are common in waste water analysis. Hence, Prove 100 is the perfect choice for these measurements. What’s more, the Spectroquant® portfolio offers the broadest selection of COD tests. Just choose the measuring range that best suits your needs, and ensure precise results.

Waste water

Drinking water and beverages

The analysis of drinking water and beverages typically involves reagent tests since they offer lower detection limits for parameters such as manganese and sulfate. Prove 300 is ideal here as it allows UV/Vis analyses, and is preprogrammed with free applications, like bromate and brewery tests.

Drinking water and beverages

Process water

Even low levels of impurities in process water can lead to damages, downtime, and expensive repairs. To help you avoid these, we have developed the most sensitive silicate and chloride tests with the lowest measuring ranges in the market. For even greater sensitivity, use the 100 mm cell in Prove 600.

Process water

Just ask. Service and support

At Merck Millipore, we understand the importance of reliable instruments, and the complexities of documentation. That’s why we offer a comprehensive service plan that takes care of both.


All Spectroquant® service plans offer the following features:

  • Performance check with reference materials - certificate included
  • Factory-recommended maintenance to prevent breakdowns
  • Telephone support hotline connects you to our technical experts
  • Free software upgrades to keep your instrument up to date
  • Reagent delivery program for convenient, punctual supply of our high-quality test kits

Contact us for your personalized Spectroquant® service plan today: